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How To Fix A Fallen Fence Panel

A Simple Guide For Fixing Your Fallen Fence Panel

Fences are a great addition to any property. Not only do they boost security and safety, but they also help to set up boundaries, enhance privacy and improve curb appeal, amongst many other perks. If you own a fence, there are times when they may not stand as tall as they are supposed to because of a fallen panel. This should not be something that stresses you out since you can easily fix it to enjoy a fully functioning fence. To do this properly, here is a guide on how to fix a fallen fence panel:

Tools Needed

Some of the tools you will need to get the job done include:
• Hacksaw
• Crowbar
• Galvanised Nails
• Spirit Level
• Combination Pliers
• Trowel
• Protective Gloves
• Shovel Or Digging Spade
• Cordless Drill
• A New Panel If Necessary

The Process Of Fixing A Fallen Panel

The route you decide to take with the repair job will depend on the condition of the panel. This is because a fence panel can fall and remain undamaged. In other cases, it may be rotten or broken and you will need to replace it with a new one. If you have to replace the fence panel, here are the steps to follow:

I. Detach The Panel From The Posts On The Fence

Firstly, to detach the fence panel, you first need to use a crowbar to help you separate the panel from the post. At this point, you will also need a hacksaw to saw through the nails. You can finish this task by using a claw hammer or combination pliers to remove the nails. If the panel you want to get rid of is heavy and large, ask a friend or relative to help.

II. Prepare The New Panel

After removing the old panel, you will need to prepare the new panel before installing it. This requires you to put marks in the areas where the nails will go. You can use a pencil for the markings. Remember to space this out evenly for a neat job. From here, it is recommended that you drill pilot holes into the frame. This is important because it prevents the nails from splitting the wood. It will also guide the nails.

III. Nail The Panel Frame To The Post

Finally, the last step in this process is to make sure you level the panel properly. You can do this simply by laying bricks underneath followed by a spirit level. After this, you can hammer galvanised nails into the previously prepared pilot holes in a bid to secure the panel to the fence post. You can then look at the finished product and pat yourself on the back.

While fixing a fallen fence panel may be an easy task, there are some fence jobs you may not be able to handle on your own. There is no need to worry because you can always contact us at J Dowel Fencing for reputable fencing and decking services as well as exceptional installation and repair work.

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